The Wirebot is a robot-like structure I made out of some wire, tape, string and a broken pen. I shape the body, legs and hand with wire. I connected the broken pen to one of the hands. You can actually write with this thing! I stuck strings together with tape to make the wings. I cut out some of the tube from the broken pen and tape it to make the eyes and head. I use wire to connect everything together. I made a loop so the legs can balance. Try to make one yourself by using these instructions:

What you will need:

1. wire

2. tape(black)

3. A broken pen

4. string


1. (torso) Make a loop with the wire then coil around that wire with another one. That would be the body. Make sure both end of the loop is still visible.

2. (legs) Thread a long wire through the loop. Pull the wire down so it looks like thin legs. Coil another and at the end of it loop it so it can balance.

3. (hands) Thread a wire through the torso coil and fold the ends together. At the end of the end of it you can use strips of wire to design your wirebot’s hand. Do the same for the other hand but instead, use you broken pen (with ink but before you do this read instruction number 5 ) . Use tape to connect it.

4. (wings) Use strings and line them up onto a piece of tape and sandwich another piece onto it to make one wing. Make another one. Again, thread a wire and connect both wings with tape. Secure the loop with another wire or some tape to make sur the wings are positioned properly.

5. (head) Cut out some of the broken pen tube that keeps the ink. Loop some tape around that tube and at the end of that loop, connect a short wire to it. At the opposing end of the loop that held the legs, link the short wire to that and your done.

If you couldn’t understand, there will be another video coming soon after I do Airplane collection video and the Cata-flinger.


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