Steve is a little robot thing that I made from cans. I made it for my recycling project. Thats a picture of it there. I made holes in the can in order to do this. Then I use string to connect the cans.

Its sort of promoting 100 plus and Fanta too! Its not difficult to make. All you need are string, cans and tape! Oh ya, hammer and something you can hammer down to make a hole with too. Only make a hole on one side of the can and keep the string in with a knot.

For the legs, connect two cans a hoop it through another can you want to use as the torso. If you did it correctly, one end would follow its hip to the side of its chest then reaching the top. Then it would follow down to the other end. Tape the string to its hips. For the head, connect a string to one can and loop the other end of that string to the string of the legs on the top of the can. Tie a knot and tape it down. To make the hands just connect two more cans and tape them to the neck.

I also made a little animation of steve and a spring. Watch it here on Youtube.


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